Welcome: January 16, 2018

Greetings and salutations, dear reader.

If you’re perusing this rather salaciously titled page, what you’ve stumbled across is not any sort of confessional of personal improprieties, but rather my tritely-titled blog. Here you will receive unfiltered access into the inchoate musings of my innermost being: in other words, the pre-copy edited version of much of our content.

Think of it as an all-access pass to my creative process. Here you’ll find the deep cuts: the extraneous material that was tossed aside by our mercenary editorial staff (that would be me). You’ll find out why our content is fixated on issue X when the rest of the world is fixated on issue Y. And, if you’re lucky, you might get a sneak-preview of exciting and ambitious projects in the works.

Now, on to more serious matters.

For the past 2 years, The Politics of Discretion has been primarily dedicated to politics and philosophy, topics with which I’ve grown rather bored. This website was born of frustration: my frustration with a political rhetoric that swayed like a weathercock caught between two equally ferocious zephyrs blowing from opposite directions. I believe strongly in partisanship, but a partisanship rooted in values, not poorly anchored in a reflexive animus for the political “other”. It’s become clear that the slapdash “us versus them” antipathy of our political culture makes any sort of value-driven or ideological dialogue impossible.

And so, this website will be abandoning it’s purely pundit-based content and moving into the realm of the creative. We’ll still be promoting the same worldview, but through a different medium. This is not a retreat, but rather me realizing a lifelong dream. I came to politics in a rather roundabout way: through great fictive works containing elements of social commentary. This is a format I’ve always found more compelling. To speak politically is to put one’s audience on alert to anything that approaches partisan heresy. To speak creatively is to suspend disbelief and encourage introspection. This website believes in the primacy of idealism. When we speak of ideology, we mean a set of cohesive beliefs grounded in the self, not in a prefabricated platform to which one must conform. We intend to pursue this way of thinking in any way we can.

Thus, while we’ll still be publishing opinion, we’ll also be pioneering what for the moment I’m terming “edifiction” (yes, I know, another trite pun). These will be creative works designed to edify and foster thought.

For more on this, and more exciting stream-of-consciousness musings, stay tuned.

Until then, happy musings.

Katherine Revello
Founder, The Politics of Discretion

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