About The Politics of Discretion

The Politics of Discretion is dedicated to promulgating individualism and idealism. We uphold the individual as the ultimate heroic archetype. At our cores, we believe that talent fully developed is the highest moral good.

The Politics of Discretion also upholds the value of creative expression and production. We eschew the inane platitude that “Brevity is the soul of wit,” which has come to guide so much of modern expression. We believe rhetoric is an art form and strive to make philosophical arguments in a verbose, creative manner that critically engages contemporary issues but encourages outside-the-box thinking.

About Katherine Revello

Katherine Revello is the founder of The Politics of Discretion. While pursuing dual degrees in political science and journalism at the University of Maine, she became increasingly unsatisfied with the state of political discourse. Contemporary ideology, she felt, was only concerned with short-term political wins and losses, not the motives which drive individual actors to make choices. A self-identified intransigent ideologue, Katherine keenly felt the lack of concern with the “why” of politics. A staunch absolutist and individualist, she grew tired of hearing the conventional wisdom which descried her hard-line positions as irrational.

Believing that political ideology desperately needs to return to fundamental principles, Katherine began developing discretionism, a system that holds self-potential as the Ideal, promotes talent at its height as the highest moral good and holds that self-actualization comes through the consistent application of bedrock principles to all areas of life, a process which can only be achieved through the consistent application of a discretionary process.


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