The Politics of Discretion podcast, hosted by Katherine Revello. Delving into the philosophical tenets of discretionism and exploring contemporary issues from the discretionist perspective.

Episode 1: Individualism and Idealism

In the debut episode of Indiscretions, Katherine Revello of The Politics of Discretion, discusses how idealism and individualism are integrated and why they’re fundamental to the philosophy of discretionism.

Episode 2: The Declaration of Independence and Idealism Betrayed

In this episode of Indiscretions, host Katherine Revello discusses the editing of the Declaration of Independence and how the removal of language betrayed the individualist ideal which supposedly catalyzed the revolution. The abandonment of self-evident moral ideals for the sake of political idealism demeaned the ability for citizens to live the individualist ethic and shows why idealism should not be dismissed.

Episode 3: The Value-Driven Life

On the third episode of the podcast, host Katherine Revello explains the hierarchy of discretion and why a code of values is crucial to the individualist who wishes to attain the ideal.

Episode 4: The Dialectic of the Soul

Continuing the exploration of the philosophy of discretionism, host Katherine Revello explains why a constant dialogue between reason and emotion is necessary to a well-ordered soul and how this contributes to the value-driven life.

Episode 5: What Are Values?

What is a value? Is it innate or something given meaning by society? This episode of Indiscretions explores how values are operative in society and how certain strains of thought, such as economic protectionism, abrogate the individual’s ability to define and pursue their own values.

Episode 6: Substantive Idealism

How can you take the ideal from an abstract concept and turn it into something of material substance? Is idealism really impractical? These questions and more are discussed on this episode of Indiscretions.