The Hierarchy of Discretion

The Hierarchy of Discretion

Order is necessary for growth. And order stems from discretion. No action- from choosing an activity-appropriate pair of shoes to choosing a companion- can occur without discrimination.

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The Consummate Man

The Consummate Man

The soul, in order to properly function, must have uncontested supremacy. Though its makeup rests on the dual-sovereignty of the head and the heart, reason must be subjugated, as must emotion, and confined within its dominion.

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Idealism, Not Ideology

Idealism, Not Ideology

Cohesive sets of beliefs, values and practices are ideologies. Ideology is often used as a pejorative; it is not.

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The tyranny of statistical determinism

Among the myths circulating amidst the ether of modern American discourse is the stubborn fallacy that political forecasts and models are deterministic. Regardless of whether a poll measures support for presidential candidates in the hopes of predicting the outcome of an election or gauges the public’s attitude towards hot-button issues before Congress, the media and…

The difference between voting on rationale and for party

The most pervasive interpretation of the electoral system which pervades social discourse paints politics as a binary choice in a zero-sum system. A vote for one candidate is not just a philosophical act of repudiation of their opponent’s ideas, but simultaneously an act which substantively detracts from their ability to win. Such an interpretation is…

How Reaganism killed the right and led to the rise of Trump

One of the basic premises of 21st century American society is that polarization, particularly along politically partisan lines, has risen dramatically. That the right, in particular, has become increasingly hard line and intransigent is a common charge for the left. The assertion that “Reagan wouldn’t recognize his own party” is crowed by both GOP moderates…

How the death of federalism has affected understanding of the Bill of Rights

Debate over the Constitution has devolved over the past couple of centuries from an eloquent discourse, sometimes sophistic, to petty academic quibbling over whether emphasis on the Bill of Rights belongs to the powers denied the federal government or to those unenumerated and left in the hands of the states and people. The context of…

Ideologues are the true moderates

Modern American discourse puts a primacy on compromise. This is measured, not by any sort of real rationality, but simply in an absurdist numbers game where conciliatory parties from all sides of the debate are balanced against each other. This faux “unity” becomes the standard of merit for social and political action. Those who oppose…

The evolving debate over personality versus structure in government failure

Anyone who’s ever taken a basic civics class is familiar with the idea that the Founding Fathers drafted the Constitution in response to the systemic weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation. The lies vaunted leaders such as George Washington and James Madison told the public at the time about the Philadelphia Committee simply reforming, rather…

Funneling money to rogue regimes is always immoral

The reason the Obama administration funneled $400 million to Iran, notorious as a state-sponsor of terror and serial abuser of human rights, is irrelevant; the action is immoral. There can be no moral equivocating about goods offsetting bads in this action. Even if this were a ransom payoff- which the president has vociferously denied- there…

The notion that Hillary’s nomination helps me as a woman is degrading

There’s been a lot of talk of glass ceilings this week as Hillary Clinton became the first female nominee for president in American history, and a lot of positive messaging to little girls that this somehow represents the righting of some great injustice which will somehow make their dreams for the future more attainable. As…

Elections are not about partisan unity

Elections are not about unity. They are about competing ideas of right and wrong vying for resonance with the populace. They are about individuals exerting their conscience and branding their interests on the way government functions. They are about local actors reminding the federal government that power flows from the bottom up under the American…

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