The Hierarchy of Discretion

The Hierarchy of Discretion

Order is necessary for growth. And order stems from discretion. No action- from choosing an activity-appropriate pair of shoes to choosing a companion- can occur without discrimination.

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The Consummate Man

The Consummate Man

The soul, in order to properly function, must have uncontested supremacy. Though its makeup rests on the dual-sovereignty of the head and the heart, reason must be subjugated, as must emotion, and confined within its dominion.

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Idealism, Not Ideology

Idealism, Not Ideology

Cohesive sets of beliefs, values and practices are ideologies. Ideology is often used as a pejorative; it is not.

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Party Loyalty Is Destroying Politics

America’s political culture has become such that the charge of disloyalty is a far more indelible stain upon a person’s character than a charge of criminal behavior or personal misconduct. The 2016 election was a race between a career politician whose record of abusing the law for personal gain was as long as her record…

The Rise of Economics as an Element of National Security: Part 2: Not All Forms of Production Are Created Equal

Read Part I: The Inequity Engendered by Protectionism National security, as it has been traditionally understood, defends against war and other forms of destructive treachery posed by hard power. The rise of economic security nominally does the same, though it is the hemorrhaging of money, not blood, which is of concern. Marketplaces become metaphorical battlefields,…

The Rise of Economics as an Element of National Security: Part I: The Inequity Engendered by Protectionism

National security has become the catchall justification for government inserting itself into matters which are beyond the purview given it by the Constitution. The definition of what constitutes a threat has expanded to a point where all manner of things are now regulated under the guise of protecting the people. Security is no longer simply…

A Different Reading of Populism

To possess an ideology requires a strong sense of morality and a commitment to an analytical process that is indefatigable, both in the regard that it questions values and assumptions universally, without regard for personal prejudice, and in the regard that its questioning is all-encompassing; it does not waver to account for fatigue or a…

Right Shouldn’t Make Reality Winner’s Leftism a Scapegoat in Intelligence Leaks Scandal

There is no evidence that has as yet surfaced to indicate Reality Winner, the 25-year old employee of defense contractor Pluribus International who allegedly stole and leaked classified material, was motivated by political activism. But that has not stopped some in the media from connecting her actions to posts on social media which align her…

Withdrawal from Paris Accords May Spur New Era of Autonomy in Business

If the tidal wave of anger which broke against President Trump’s announcement that the United States is withdrawing from the Paris climate accords could be harnessed, the nation would have a surfeit of energy for some time to come. Despite pressure from members of the global community and prominent figures in his own administration, including…

If tax cuts are to raise revenues, broader culture of economic freedom is required

Among the favorite maxims of fiscal conservatives is the idea that tax cuts, not hikes, increase revenues. Inarguably, slashing personal income tax rates buoyed the size of the federal government’s coffers following the Mellon income tax cuts of the 1920s, the 1964 Revenue Act signed by President Kennedy and President Reagan’s reform measures in 1981…

Trump’s Budget Creates A Government Culture That Threatens Rights

Budget drafts are hardly written in indelible ink. By the time they pass from the executive through the legislature and return to the president’s desk, provisions have been added and funding has been stripped in accordance with various political agendas to such a degree that the final product bears little resemblance to the draft. Rather,…

Statism Is Killing Creativity

Originality has never been much of a virtue in politics. Protecting the long-term interests of the state, its officials and its citizens requires stasis. Politics institutionalizes the status quo, preserves the standing order. Regimes that fail to do so form the detritus of history. The novel and untested is a threat in politics; the radically…

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