The Hierarchy of Discretion

The Hierarchy of Discretion

Order is necessary for growth. And order stems from discretion. No action- from choosing an activity-appropriate pair of shoes to choosing a companion- can occur without discrimination.

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The Consummate Man

The Consummate Man

The soul, in order to properly function, must have uncontested supremacy. Though its makeup rests on the dual-sovereignty of the head and the heart, reason must be subjugated, as must emotion, and confined within its dominion.

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Idealism, Not Ideology

Idealism, Not Ideology

Cohesive sets of beliefs, values and practices are ideologies. Ideology is often used as a pejorative; it is not.

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The Senate is Broken, But Republicans Didn’t Break It

Senate Republicans invoking the nuclear option and requiring a simple majority for the approval of Supreme Court nominees has engendered a great deal of hysterical handwringing. Indeed, the terminology seems to demand such an overly dramatic response. The histrionics gets one point correct: the integrity of the Senate as a body has been utterly destroyed.…

Current Political Culture Undercuts Separation of Powers

The nascent Trump presidency is a veritable labyrinth comprised of twisting scandals and the pitfalls of internecine quarrels. Yet, the true crisis of modern government is missing from the gossip-driven scandalmongering that has become the exclusive domain of the daily news cycle. This is the clear lack of understanding from many members of the media…

The Faux Narrative of Ideology Killing the AHCA

National politics has become built on consensus, so much so that the possibility that the opposition party, or even dissenting subfactions within a party, are treated as intransigents acting purely from a desire to be spiteful and obstructionist. Dissenters are never allowed to be genuine actors who stand on principle. The result of this is…

The Fall of the House of Lincoln

Unification is a foolish political goal. Divisiveness is inherent within the human race, which is comprised of beings of individual conscience. For governments to ignore these divisions is a sure step towards despotism, as it glosses over the qualities which make the individual, rendering them unimportant. Such a view of humanity cannot help but create…

The Freedom Caucus Changed Nothing But Still Won A Huge Victory

There is nothing easy about being an ideologue. The rhetorical slings and arrows of a political faction on offense are always aimed towards the ideologue. Impugning epithets like “intransigent” and “extremist” fly thick and fast in the midst of the internecine fray. Should the party’s fortifications collapse and the last bastion of defense fall, it…

GOP Leadership’s Threat to Dissenters on Health Reform Shows Loyalty Lies With Agenda, Not Voters

Every two years, Republican leaders browbeat their constituents into voting for them by pushing a noxious rhetorical cocktail that is one part thinly-veiled threats and two parts fearmongering. Now, either emboldened by the shameful success this dishonesty has had in the past few electoral cycles or out of a sense of desperation as the rank…

What is the goal of government?

What is the proper end of government? It is a deceptively simple question. For most Americans, the answer probably resonates with the broad goals outlined in the preamble of the Constitution- establishing justice, promoting the general welfare, securing the blessings of liberty. Political theoreticians would largely agree, though in more formal language, perhaps citing Aristotle’s…

The Budget Blueprint is A Populist Nightmare, Not a Conservative Dream

If the 2018 budget blueprint recently released by President Trump through the Office of Management and Budget is, as right-wing commentators are claiming, the new apogee of conservative fiscal policy, then the movement is well and truly dead. Yes, the proposed budget—which only contains proposed reforms for discretionary funding and then gives no substantive detail…

2016: An Election of Political Death and Realignment

Nothing is so over-prognosticated as the death of political parties. Under the microscope of public, and perhaps more importantly, media scrutiny, insignificant quibbles are overly magnified into catastrophic divisions, which, catalyzed by the constant pressures of the biannual election cycle, threaten to rent the party asunder. But reports of the demise of political parties are…

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