Only free trade is fair trade

A unit of currency, even those based on elements with empirical worth, has absolute value. But this value is relative, both against other systems of measurement and in context of time and shifting events. Fiat money, like the American dollar, derives its worth as a unit from government-mandates and regulations, making it much more malleable than non-fiat currency, which is based in a commodity, such as gold, with intrinsic value. Yet, even the values assigned…

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Capitalism hasn’t failed, but it is dead

With a sense of moral smugness that imputes Karl Marx’s theory on the stages of history is finally being proven true, opinion from the self-appointed intelligentsia increasingly posits that capitalism has failed, or that America is moving towards a post-capitalist system. Snide insinuations about the supremacy of leftist economic theories which turn the commodification of people into a simple matter of policy aside, their conclusion is, in part, correct. America is not capitalist. And it…

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