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Democratic government has its fair share of drawbacks, and perhaps none of these contributes to dysfunction so much as the constant pressure re-election exerts on the minds of politicians. Desirous of retaining their influence and position, the temptation to use voting power as a lever and extort kickbacks for interest groups in constituencies who are powerful enough to sway electoral outcomes overpowers whatever duty a politician has towards the drafting of well-grounded public policy. Constant…

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The ambiguous “we” of modern American politics

From the beginning, Monday night’s presidential debate was a cavalcade of collectivist rhetoric, with both candidates frequently invoking an ambiguous “we” as justification for their plans and policy positions. Leaving aside the troubling implications such attitudes towards expansive central control have for a society supposedly founded on the idea of power flowing upwards from the self-sovereign individual, the grounding of political discourse in such insubstantial language is troubling. “We” is an enigma, and enigmas have…

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