Congressional Representatives Should Secure Rights, Not Interests

In the vernacular, the role of representatives is most often understood in terms of how they service the interests of the polity: the average citizen is busy and involved in his or her own life and has neither the time, inclination or requisite knowledge to make informed political choices. Or so the reasoning goes. Enter the representative, who fulfills one of two roles, depending upon whether one buys into the delegate or trustee model of…

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The Anti-Federalists were right

It is couth in intellectual political circles to speak of the Anti-Federalists as well-intentioned but ultimately wrong in their predictions of the doom that the Constitution spelled for freedom in America. Their often emotionally-saturated arguments are talked of as fear-mongering propaganda, a pejorative classification usually not attached to Federalist arguments for the Constitution. Perhaps this rather biased view can be accounted for with several sad and simple truths about how individuals reason. First, positive arguments…

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