Politicians Have No Solutions

The well of the American political imagination has run dry. There is not a single novel proposal being seriously pushed by any elected official in regards to any of the exigent crises which face the nation. Old, tired ideas that obviously had no merit the first time they were proposed and implemented, elsewise the issues they were designed to settle would not continue to crop up like a perennial weed choking the public discourse. In…

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The Fall of the House of Lincoln

Unification is a foolish political goal. Divisiveness is inherent within the human race, which is comprised of beings of individual conscience. For governments to ignore these divisions is a sure step towards despotism, as it glosses over the qualities which make the individual, rendering them unimportant. Such a view of humanity cannot help but create abuse, contention and strife. Federalist 10 is often quoted in defense of the push for consensus in politics, a warning…

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2016 and the New Populism

Election night confirmed a long-held suspicion. This whole electoral cycle has been a lesson in humility for pundits overconfident in the reliability of data forecasting, broadcast from the Twilight Zone. That said, the profundity of it is staggering, even for skeptics like myself. This was not a runaway victory for Trump. Yet, because the forecasts were so very wrong, it certainly feels like a mandate. In the coming days, shattered political scientists are sure to…

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The Trump-Ryan Feud and Intraparty Loyalty

The fast-eroding relationship between Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Donald Trump is about as friendly as the one which existed between Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. Many have been quick to descry Ryan, who has seemingly gone through more positions on Trump than a ballerina, and other party members for disavowing the nominee so close to an election that Republicans need to win lest their long-term durability as a national party be…

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Being Never Trump does not make me pro-Hillary

My political science professors were fond of telling myself and my classmates that, when analyzing politics, we were not “normal.” By this they meant not only that we processed information differently, both in terms of amount and approach, but also that we were more likely to be motivated by higher degrees of cognizance in our electoral decisions. Voter rationales- the term that explains why people vote as they do- are largely non-ideologically motivated. Generally, most…

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