Perception, Virtue Ethics and Identity

We are all products of our own comprehension. Cognition, after all, is affected by the unique set of circumstances that align to makeup an individual’s background, heightening one’s perception of certain challenges and issues. Then, the talents one possesses lead towards particular types of intelligence, impacting the way each mind synthesizes the information presented to it. One cannot step outside the lens of one’s personal experience, even when relating to others. As Adam Smith, that…

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America’s Party Culture, Part 2: Destructive Behavior

Discrimination is an operative force in politics; a functioning government must calculate what courses of action are likely to benefit the citizenry and the nation as a whole. To do so, politicians must have a vision of an end towards which they are working, meaning ideological belief is the driving force behind an efficacious politics. Parties are an organizational tool to this end; they connect members of the citizenry, who have disparate sets of belief…

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Ideas, Not Gender, Are What Should Inspire Readers

A recent op-ed in the Los Angeles Times claimed that the greatest works of literature are sexist, even those written by women; this determination was made by contrasting the number of times the pronoun “he” appeared in contrast to the pronoun “she.” This kind of logic, which bases a whole system of fairness on nothing but numerical frequency, is truly alarming as it promotes the notion that women can only be inspired by other women.…

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The new moral majority

Ronald Reagan’s 1980 election to the presidency was aided by the efforts of a political action group organized by evangelist Jerry Falwell. Known as the Moral Majority, the PAC advocated fundamentalist Christian views as a basis for political policy. The moral majority, however, soon took on a life of its own and became a kind of right-wing populist codicil. To cite the moral majority, as Ronald Reagan and other folk heroes of the religious right…

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