The Anatomy of Individualist Belief

A declaration of absolutist belief often opens one up to the smart-aleck retorts of petty pedants who use narrow-minded sophistic jibes to try and warp the ground on which absolutists have built said beliefs. One such contention involves censorship. “I am in no case for censorship.” says the absolutist. “Well, are you for pornography being broadcast by network television on Saturday mornings?” replies the sophist, with a wicked twinkle in his eye. “No.” replies the…

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Ideologues are the true moderates

Modern American discourse puts a primacy on compromise. This is measured, not by any sort of real rationality, but simply in an absurdist numbers game where conciliatory parties from all sides of the debate are balanced against each other. This faux “unity” becomes the standard of merit for social and political action. Those who oppose are labelled impediments to progress and looked on with disdain. For they stand against basic civility, and the development of…

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