Political Decisions and the “Human Element”

Blind justice is a concept inherent to most Americans’ thinking about the nation’s legal framework. Equality comes from dispassionate analysis: judges and juries are not to consider the person standing before them, but the facts and circumstances of an alleged aggression. Does analysis of these facts and circumstances rationally lead to the conclusion that the accused has committed the crime with which they are charged? The age, race, gender and personal creed of the person…

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Lights, Camera, Politics

Democratic government has its fair share of drawbacks, and perhaps none of these contributes to dysfunction so much as the constant pressure re-election exerts on the minds of politicians. Desirous of retaining their influence and position, the temptation to use voting power as a lever and extort kickbacks for interest groups in constituencies who are powerful enough to sway electoral outcomes overpowers whatever duty a politician has towards the drafting of well-grounded public policy. Constant…

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Rand Paul’s Intransigence Is Exactly What Politics Needs

To read the derogatory charges being brought against Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) by his party colleagues, the libertarian-leaning legislator’s last-ditch effort to inject some measure of fiscal sanity into the hastily-cobbled together stopgap spending bill was tantamount to some sort of putsch. Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) called Paul’s actions “grossly irresponsible”, while Sen. John Thune (R-SD) belittled his efforts on the grounds that they never produced results. In the House, meanwhile, Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA)…

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The Senate is Broken, But Republicans Didn’t Break It

Senate Republicans invoking the nuclear option and requiring a simple majority for the approval of Supreme Court nominees has engendered a great deal of hysterical handwringing. Indeed, the terminology seems to demand such an overly dramatic response. The histrionics gets one point correct: the integrity of the Senate as a body has been utterly destroyed. However, it was not Republicans (who in fact were simply expanding a precedent Harry Reid set in 2013) who bear…

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