Political Decisions and the “Human Element”

Blind justice is a concept inherent to most Americans’ thinking about the nation’s legal framework. Equality comes from dispassionate analysis: judges and juries are not to consider the person standing before them, but the facts and circumstances of an alleged aggression. Does analysis of these facts and circumstances rationally lead to the conclusion that the accused has committed the crime with which they are charged? The age, race, gender and personal creed of the person…

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Precedent Should Not Be Worshiped By Politicians

The Western world has largely left the age of dynasty behind. No more is government a vehicle for personal laud and fortune; virtue, in its function as a barometer of efficacious law, takes its meaning from something more empiric than the whim of an empowered potentate. But overwhelmingly beneficial as this has been for the health of the body politic on the whole, the liberalizing of government institutions also has a downside. And this is…

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