Ideas, Not Gender, Are What Should Inspire Readers

A recent op-ed in the Los Angeles Times claimed that the greatest works of literature are sexist, even those written by women; this determination was made by contrasting the number of times the pronoun “he” appeared in contrast to the pronoun “she.” This kind of logic, which bases a whole system of fairness on nothing but numerical frequency, is truly alarming as it promotes the notion that women can only be inspired by other women.…

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The dialectic of the soul

All action stems from either thought or motion- or a lack thereof. Similarly, discretion properly practiced rests on the catalyst of thought or emotion, but subjugated to their own realms. Thus, the discretionary process of an individual depends on the relationship between the head and the heart. The soul is comprised of a dialectic between reason and emotion. Sober, reflective analysis governs thought and passion’s moral-compass informs emotion. A failure to constrain the two- to…

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